The Women in Ecology and Evolution Podcast

(Not) Sticking to the Science

December 21, 2020 Dr Kirsty MacLeod Season 1 Episode 6
The Women in Ecology and Evolution Podcast
(Not) Sticking to the Science
Show Notes

Today, Martha Muñoz is here! One of my #HERper heroes, Martha talks to me about her fantastic work on thermal ecology, biomechanics and diversity in reptiles and amphibians. This episode's Paper in Focus is from Yusan Yang, on the territorial behaviour of poison frogs in Panamá (paper link below). Ever been told to stay out of politics and to "stick to science?" Martha and I are joined by Kirsty Graham and Sharmi Sen to talk about how politics and science intersect professionally and personally - as well as how we can better our institutions by getting involved in politics at the local level.

Hosted, as always, by me, Kirsty MacLeod.
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Links & Resources
Paper in Focus: Prior residence effect determines success of male–male territorial competition in a color polymorphic poison frogAlso seeYusan's tweet thread about the paper (great videos!).
Simien Mountains Gelada Research Project - and the NGO Save the Simiens Sharmi mentioned to create jobs and keep the national park trash-free!
Support the Animal Behaviour Collective! They are accepting one-off and regular donations, as well as mentors.
Want to join a Union? Here's the one Kirsty mentioned, the University and College Union.